Why join IFCO?

IFCO is about innovation, satisfaction, happiness and leadership. In today’s competitive world, there are sharp edged challenges to be achieved. If challenges excite you and you know how to grab opportunities, IFCO welcomes you aboard.

We are looking forward for passionate talent, who are inclined towards innovative thinking and practical vision.

  • We believe that employees are the core resource of the organization. Success of any organization is directly related to the quality of its manpower
  • Being part of IFCO group means being challenged by dynamic industry players, giving more challenges, more risks, more excitement and more responsibility on your shoulders.
  • We spend time with our people to know them and be known by them, challenge them and encourage them.
  • Working with IFCO is about moving forward with growth and smile. Being with us is about being in the league of leaders.

If you feel you have the skills and attitude to be part of esteemed IFCO group, forward us your resume on our email.

Work Culture

We have a multi-cultural, unique and friendly work culture. Our work culture fosters innovation, strategic thinking and creativity in every employee. We demand active participation and commitment from all the employees of the organization. Our employees undergo regular training in their respective fields, for constant up gradation and innovation.

  • We promote and encourage free flow of information across the hierarchy.
  • We generate an employee-friendly environment to motivate and stimulate employees to achieve their commitments precisely. For the same we believe in recognizing and awarding extra-ordinary talent.
  • We look forward for mutual trust and respect from every employee.
  • We constantly try to create a cohesive environment, where there is mutual development, of employees and the organization. We also strive to create a learning culture that helps our employees to develop and grow along with the growth of the organization.

Training & Development

Knowledge seeking is a continuous process. It is ever expanding like universe. We encourage continuous learning process in our organization. Constant training and learning is required for seeding innovative foresight.

Salient Features

  • We consistently invest in training and development programs for our employees in order to impart fertile vision. All the training sessions are conducted by industry experts.
  • We also engage in in-house training programs, where senior management of the organization imparts training to the young and energetic junior management and share lush real life experiences.
  • We also provide cross-functional exposure across departments to our employees, to give them overall understanding.